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How To Sell Your Tickets For A Profit?


Many people struggle selling their tickets, so often times they are given out for a loss but there are ways you can sell your tickets for a gain, many people also don't realize that these secondary ticket marketplaces are actually many times better than their first go which is always Ticketmaster.

To sell your ticket online for profit is easy and I've been doing it years and all tickets I buy are from secondary ticket marketplaces you may think of scam because that is what many people hear but that is not always the case, when you want to choose as with anything else you must research and read the reviews on what people say.

In this article, I will attempt to make that easy for you by listing the sites I have reviewed, and let me tell you the tickets from secondary resale sites are actually the same tickets from Ticketmaster, what many people don't realize is if it says the tickets will be transferred from an online account it's likely an official account such as Ticketmaster, MLB, NHL, AXS or the account for the venue.

Here I will start by listing for you the best ticket resale sites starting with the sites that charge no fees on tickets, yes you heard it right absolutely no fees on your tickets.  They may be listed in USD but don't get discouraged you can still save alot of money from these websites.



We finally found a ticket provider with NO SERVICE FEES and FREE SHIPPING! If you are like us and hate overpaying different fees charged for no reason then check out! And with promo code LEGITTICKET you will get 10% OFF any ticket to any event!


    • NO Service fees

    • FREE shipping

    • 100% money back guarantee


    • Haven't seen any yet

Ticketclub offers no service fees for members, they also offer deals for student and military members.  This is a great site to get ticket, it also offers discount on hotels in the same city the event is taking place so you can find some great deals.


  • NO Service fees
  • FREE shipping
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Find great deals on nearby hotels


  • Must be a member


In the business for over 30 years, TicketCity has always been a secondary broker. It may not be the leading name in this industry, but it is among the top sites to find a ticket or at least to compare deals. It is safer than most of its competition, as it offers a money back guarantee if your tickets are not authentic or they are not delivered before the actual event. It is mostly specialized in music concerts and live performances.


The website is simple to use, yet it comes with a basic search function – not too many criteria to search for. Just like other ticket sites, it provides an interactive seating map. When buying a ticket, you can also opt for a parking pass. Not all tickets are electronic – some of them must be sent physically. You will know upfront whether you can buy an emergency electronic ticket or you have to wait for your ticket to be shipped over.

You can buy and sell tickets. Fees for sellers are smaller than on other websites, but they depend on the venue or artist. Whether it comes to buying or selling, the website is user friendly and intuitive. The checkout process should take a few minutes only. It is worth mentioning the fact that TicketCity has its own application too. In fact, the app might seem easier to use than the website, as the location access is more efficient when looking for events.


    • Money back guarantee

    • Can buy or sell tickets

    • Easy to use application

    • Low fees for sellers


    • Not a primary ticket broker

TicketCity provides safety and a good return policy, while costs are quite low due to being a secondary broker.


VividSeats is one of the best options when looking for a ticket, mostly because of its rewards program – one of the leading programs in the industry. For example, you can buy seven tickets throughout a year and the eighth ticket will be free. Seeing the same artist for a second time in a year? Your ticket comes with a 5% discount. You will also get various discounts if you buy more tickets, so feel free to bring your best friends together.


Fees are a bit higher than on other websites – around 27%, but the best part about it is that ticket prices are quite low, so it pays off taking a look. You can buy tickets for music events, sports events, theater shows and so on. The website is straightforward and has a good search function, yet you can also use the app for smartphones – easier to use and more efficient location access to find events in your area.

Searching for an event and buying a ticket should take a few minutes if you know what you want. Got questions regarding a ticket or a show? VividSeats has a knowledgeable customer service – more importantly, you have a live chat feature, which is the best option for ticket emergencies. There are no returns, while finding the best available price is not an option – you will have to browse through results yourself.


    • Easy to use – both the website and the application

    • The possibility to live chat to a customer service representative

    • Good value for money

    • Seating map


    • No possibility to search for the best prices

VividSeats dominates the market when it comes to rewards and bonuses, despite lacking a few features.

Lastly, I usually go with no fee websites because I can flip my tickets for a profit or at least not a loss in the event I don't attend an event or need to sell a ticket.

Also some people don't actually know this but if you buy a ticket off a secondary marketplace you are not sure of and are worried about being a scam, you can actually go on Ticketmaster section Sell Tickets and find out whether they are legit or not, you will sell your tickets normally go through the process but to know whether your ticket is legit just enter the barcode for your tickets and if you see a "green" checkmark your ticket is likely legit and also can be sold on Ticketmaster or other places.  That way you can be rest assured your ticket is not a scam.

If you enjoy Ticketmaster tickets and you wanna save on extra fees, your best best is to look out for the presales and onsales and we bring you some of that on this page so bookmark, comment, share with your friends and loved ones to stay on top of your events.



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