Reports: Adele Las Vegas Dates Leaked by Ticketmaster | Tickets Before The Crowd

Reports: Adele Las Vegas Dates Leaked by Ticketmaster


Reports: Adele Las Vegas Dates Leaked by Ticketmaster

Reports: Adele Las Vegas Dates Leaked by Ticketmaster

The long-delayed Weekends With Adele residency in Las Vegas is reportedly planned to run from November 18 of this year through February 24, 2023, according to a number of media sites. The residency's original run was supposed to be from late January through April of this year, but it was delayed just before it was to begin, and it has been in limbo ever since.

The UK tabloid The Sun cited a source as saying, "The talk is that we are gearing up for a booking announcement before the end of the month." As soon as the dates are rescheduled, it will be a big relief. No one anticipated the wait to be as protracted as it has been, so it has been nerve-wracking to wait until Adele was prepared. However, she is confident that all the criticism will be forgotten once she takes the stage.

Weekends With Adele was supposed to take place in The Colosseum at Caesar's Palace earlier this year, but it was abruptly postponed. However, allegations have circulated that her own team's requests were dragging down everything and the show wasn't ready to go up for its initial start date, despite the singer's distraught claim that the postponement was caused by COVID troubles creating production delays. Just hours before the first scheduled dates, fans were informed; some were en route to the city at that time.

According to the Daily Mail, signage at The Colosseum has apparently been removed as part of a plot to move the performance to the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood. Adele's residency was originally intended for The Colosseum, but the huge demand for tickets to the initial dates when they went on sale in late 2021 has made Zappos a more spacious venue. Caesars Entertainment is the owner of both establishments.

Outside of the time frame they are supposedly anticipated to be released within, The Sun's reporting did not include any details on the plans for the new dates, so it is unknown if some weekends will see a Thursday-Friday run to avoid existing plans or how that might work. It's also uncertain how to sell tickets for the new performances and deal with customers who bought tickets for the original events but decided to keep them for the rescheduled ones.

We will update this story if any official announcement comes.

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